Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Show is Done!!!

I am FINALLY back from SUNYAC's Swimming and Diving Championships!!!!

And Happy Late Valentines Day Everyone!!
I got me a Sigma Tuck In from Phi Beta Sigma =D

On Thursday the 10th and Friday the 11th, we held a valentines day sale. Our famous chocolate covered pretzels/lolipops are back!! Everyone loved them! They were so yummy!!! 

Also, on Sunday February 13th we held a Dine with a Lambda Lady event! This event consisted of people signing up for a chance to win dinner with us! We reserved My Kitchen, restaurant style, for this event. It was so cute! I loved it!

So on Saturday, February 5th, we finally had our Exhibition show!!!! We held this show because normal, when most multicultural greeks cross, they hold a show called Probate or Coming Out show to present to the world their new members! We unfortunately couldn't have ours last semester so we decided to hold an Exhibition show this semester so that we can come out properly to the world =D

For those that went, what you saw that Saturday is normally how a Coming Out Show for us is like all across the country.

Due to the event, a ton of sisters from our New York Area 1 area came up to support!!!!
We practiced so hard for this show and it's finally over! We like to thank EVERYONE who came out to support!!! We truly do =)

I know we have some videos out there but here's one!!! Here you can see each individual sister being introduced as members of the organization.

In the video you can also see a very unique tradition that Lambda Theta Alpha has. This tradition is called saluting! Saluting is when we perform in a line in unison with sisters to salute, pay respect to and honor our organization, chapter, and sisters!!!! It's one of the many traditions that I absolutely love to do.
Always Salute with your Heart =D

On Sunday, Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Gamma Phi held a Diabetes walk so some of us attended the walk. It was so fun! I absolutely LOVE doing walks! Speaking of walks, Relay for Life is coming soon! I am SOOO excited! I can't wait! Last year when I did Relay for Life, I blogged like every hour about absolutely everything from updates on the walk to the random things random people were doing.... even though they had no idea I was watching them, but I loved doing it so I am hoping to do it this year again! We'll see!!

So for my next blog, i'm going to give a little introduction on each sister so that you can get to know us better =D as well as explain more things about us such as traditions and what we do, little by little so look forward to that!!!!

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